My roommate is awesome. Well done #kitz1006!


Did you just say G’day?

Well, I guess I forgot about this thing for awhile.  Let’s see, we ate the pavement in Mexico, partied with some locals in Grand Cayman, jumped off a waterfall in Costa Rica, discovered acai bowls in Cali, and now we’re in New Zealand.

We arrived in Auckland, spending the night there before heading over to housesit in a small town called Thames.  It was there that we discovered the nation must be coated in pure gold because everything here is so overpriced!  Luckily the current economy gives us a 25% discount.  $5 for an eggplant - really?  $4 for a bottle of water?  We had lunch at Subway one day (the only place to get anything close to a sub) and spent $20 on two sandwiches!  Ridiculous.

It didn’t take Kev long to start speaking New Zealand.  I think his favorite new saying has become “Sweet As!”  which at first he thought people were saying “Sweet Ass!” and I wish I had let him say it to someone before I corrected it.  

So anyway, KiwiKev and I went out to Thames and met the woman who we would be housesitting for 3 months.  She seemed nice, but there was something strange about her I couldn’t put my finger on.  There was something in the way she would stare at you with ‘crazy eyes’ before she began a sentence.  It wasn’t until after she left we really ‘got to know her.’  We decided to clean the kitchen out since we could immediately see it was a little dodgy in there.  Well, that said it all.  The place was a wreck.  We started with the cabinets and found a pot with cooked rice still in it.  Moving on to when we moved her food in the fridge and pantry to make room for our own stuff…. there was food that had expired at the turn of the millennium.  It was shocking.

Fast forward to 7 weeks later, we are leaving this crap-shoot of a house and heading back to Auckland.  The house is covered with mold, or “mould” as they say and we’ve been sick for weeks because of it.  It didn’t take long to decide to get the eff out of here.  

We’ll be in Auckland City for 2 weeks before flying up to Airlie Beach in Queensland, Australia.  We are both counting down the days.  After that is Melbourne, then Venice, Italy where we will be embarking on a cruise through the mediterranean, ending in Barcelona, Spain.  After a few days in Spain we will be flying back to the States to figure out what happens next.  The only thing we both know for sure is that we will never again live in an area that goes through winter.


Less than $20USD.


In case of emergency… Scream.



Sooo, blogging. Alright here we go.
We’ve been in Costa Rica for a few weeks now, mainly staying on the southern pacific coast and taking day trips from our little cabina. For those of you who know Kev, his grocery habits have not dwindled since we’ve been away. We went to the supermercado the other day to buy 2 jugs of water. Seven bags of whoknowswhat and 2 jugs of water later we were on our way. If this continues I may have to turn him into a leash kid…

We’ve also discovered a massive profit opportunity for anyone looking to come down to CR and make some cash: sunscreen. You heard it right, freaking sunscreen. I paid $22USD (!!!) for a small bottle of 60spf. Which, as it turns out, is actually a bottle of bubblegum-flavored milk of magnesia (you were right, Sabrina). The stuff pours out like liquid, and how silly of me to expect it to absorb into the skin… Nope, it just colors you gringo for a while til it drips off. But wait! The fun doesn’t stop there! Bought a bottle of ‘body lotion’ aka body liquid, & I’m pretty sure I’ve just been rubbing a cocktail of strawberry yogurt and alcohol on my skin because although it smells nice, my skin is only getting drier… Oh, and the sparkles. As a bonus, the lotion is filled - filled - with sparkles.
Basically, Kev and I look like we’ve both just had a 3-day bender at the local strip joint.

In other news Kev hasn’t cut his hair since before we left the states, something about wanting to fit in with the locals, not looking like an army man, etc; so I’ve been dating Dylan McKay for the past few weeks (eat your heart out, Katie).

Recently one of Kev’s friends, a member of the yacht club he worked for, came down to CR (he owns a house here). We were invited to go check out the place, so me, Kev, and Kev’s hair spent the night in this beautiful ‘casita’ which is his little guest house. The place is on the top of this hill with the most amazing view of Uvita - 180degree view of the ocean. Completely private, not a neighbor in site - it was unreal. I have better pics on my camera which will be added… Soonish.

We’ve been hitting up the farmers markets around here, the fresh produce is awesome - best fruit I’ve ever tasted. And cheap too! I may just start rubbing avocado all over myself for sunscreen.

Anyway, it’s beach time. Pura Vida!


Purchased some high quality jewelry at the market in Quepos yesterday…


Hand picked and shelled by Kev Muscles McMahon…